Welcome to the Mission 22 Ambassador Team!
Hello Ambassador and welcome to the team!

Thank you for volunteering to help with such a worthwhile cause! We can only achieve success at ending veteran suicide by making the public aware of the epidemic.

We wanted to take time to share the story of Mission 22 and our parent organization Elder Heart so that you better know whom you are representing. That way no one has any fear about speaking well when asked questions by the public.
Elder Heart is our parent organization under which our non-profit status resides. Our founding members are Magnus Johnson and Mike Kissell. Both are Special Forces Operators with many years of military service. Magnus and Mike started to lose friends and fellow service members to suicide due to these same issues. Being the leaders they are, they decided to do something about it, and that is how Elder Heart was born.  We partnered with a local artist and metal sculptor and completed a community art project in Nashville, IN in 2014.  We worked along side local veterans to complete a leaf sculpture that has 22 large metal leaves, for the 22 veterans lost to suicide each and every day.  And, this is how Mission 22 was born. Mission 22 began simply as an awareness campaign.  Awareness precedes change. You can’t change what people don’t know.  We have also completed a national memorial titled "The War at Home" for those who died here at home after returning from war. This monument is mobile and will move around the US to a new location every year or two.

We enlisted volunteers like you, corporations and community leaders to help. Through these connections we have begun to make others aware that the Veteran struggles with PTS & TBI are real.  Addiction, depression, and suicidal behavior stem from these issues.  We are teaching communities, families and Veterans to reach out, to ask for help, to be there for one another.  Our Veterans were there for us, and now we need to be there for them!  You don’t have to know what to say, because there are no magic words. You just have to be there for them, and listen if they want to talk. Tell them you care, thank them for their sacrifice and their service. And know that their sacrifice was huge. They gave up their families, their jobs, and the comfort of their homes to defend our freedoms. Now it is up to us to help them reintegrate back into life as a civilian. To feel they are a valued part of their community.

We are also working towards being a national resource center to get Veterans the help they need in a timely manner.  In conjunction with Fayetteville Holistic Wellness Center, we have created a comprehensive and intensive program called The Veterans Rehab project.  It is for Veterans who are suffering from PTS and TBI.  Fayetteville Holistic Wellness Center consists of a unique team of professionals who work together to promote your optimal health through healing and wellness. Services include: Physician consultations and follow up visits, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Counseling, Physical Training, and Medical Massage.  We have partnerships with other caring organizations that are willing to get Veterans into their programs and services quickly, and sometimes at free or reduced costs.  Some of these organizations are Save A Warrior, The Doctor Elk Foundation, USA Cares, The Valor Clinic and many others.

And now, we'd like to clarify your mission.

1) Use #Mission22 on posts on social media to draw people to the mission. Take a photo of any and every 22 you see, and share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

2) Keep Mission 22 info cards. Hand them out to anyone and everyone, because almost everyone has a friend, or veteran in the family. Take them to events you attend. Take them to the mall. Take them anywhere. You can email us to get these sent out to you.

3) EVENTS: We have resource cards, banners, etc. that we can supply you with.  (We will only send merchandise to sell to help with fundraising if your State Ambassador Leader is attending.)  Most places will let you set up for free or reduced rate because it’s a Veteran cause. If it’s not free, ask for a reduced rate for a non-profit and we will supply you with our tax id number.  Here are items we can supply:
-Letter of introduction to give to potential sponsors.
-Non-profit ID and donation forms for donors.
-Network For Good donation page.
-A Mission 22 flag to use and return.
-Event flyers.
-Printed support material to hand out
-Advertising of event on our social media pages.
-A local Ambassador to help if needed.

Organize your own event or set up a booth at someone else’s event.  Here is where sponsorship is paramount! Radio stations, restaurants, and local businesses are great resources. The possibilities here are endless. With a little networking, the entire event can be done at little to no cost.

We need to take a moment to also clarify some boundaries.
There can be no reproducing of merchandise of any type without the Board’s approval.  Our trademarked merchandise is produced by a veteran owned, and operated merchandiser that we are contracted with and do not want to violate that contract, or take business away from him. Please do not create videos, webpages, banners, or logos without prior approval.  We are a mission, but we are also a brand, so we can’t have different variations of logos, etc..

Last but certainly not least, we are so very grateful to each and every one of you for being willing to sacrifice your time to support such a worthwhile cause. We could not do what we do without your support, and we want you to know that we appreciate you very much!  If you need information, support or materials, please don’t hesitate to let me know. I am here to support your efforts in every way possible.

Cindy Stinson
Ambassador Program Director

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As part of the Mission 22 Ambassador team you are an integral part to what we do. It is easy to spin into negative aspects but we believe that for a true culture change this country needs everyone to be uplifting. Negativity is detrimental to what we do and we need your help with steering everyone in a positive direction. *

Mission 22 is not political. We are not Republican, we are not Democrat. We are Americans who believe in humanity and helping one another. We are here to support our veterans and politics need not ever be involved. *

No outside printing of merchandise, banners, etc is allowed without permission. We are contracted with a veteran owned and operated merchandiser that produces all official Mission 22 gear. *

While representing Mission 22 at events there will be no alcohol at any Mission 22 booth or drinking period by Ambassadors. *

1. Truth: We tell the truth no matter how hard or difficult it can be. We omit nothing or tell no falsehoods. Before you tell the truth ask yourself three questions. Is it honest? Is it done in a kind spirit? Is it necessary?

 2. Faith: We believe that we can and will make a difference in the lives of veterans and their families.

3.Hard Work: Have you heard of the term “Work harder not smarter.”? Do both!

4. Positivity: We avoid negativity like a plague.

5. People: People make the Mission and the brand. The brand and the Mission do not make you.

6. Loyalty: If you don’t know what it is, you do not belong here.

7.Creativity: Ingenuity and inspiration can solve problems that seem impossible.

8. Common Sense: Ungrounded creativity is just whimsical. Ask yourself “Does this make sense?”

9. Don’t take yourself too serious: But do take the Mission on as it is life and death, because it is.

10. Passion: Will always prevail over education and qualifications. We value passion over resumes. (Of course we want them all, but if we had to pick passion will always be first.)

11. Can you sleep at night: Do your work and live your life so that when you lie down to sleep there is no doubt that you gave it all you had.

Do you agree to uphold these values as a representative of Mission 22? *

What we are doing is very important and you are a huge part of that. The people involved, how they act and how the community views veterans is important to Mission 22. You are as big of a part of Mission 22 as we are and we are really excited to have you on the team!!

Thank you for joining our team! Please now join the Ambassador Forum Here!